Rating 2015

Rating 2015

SEAMEC announces endorsements

Special to SGN from SEAMEC
SEAMEC announced its general election endorsements October 15.

Incumbent King County assessor Lloyd Hara was endorsed for reelection because of his long record of support for the LGBT community.

Veteran King County Council member Larry Gossett, who is running unopposed, was also endorsed. Gossett, a veteran of the Black Liberation Movement in his youth, has always earned SEAMEC’s highest ratings and endorsements.

County Council member Joe McDermott, one of two openly Gay Council members, was also endorsed.

In Seattle City Council races, SEAMEC has endorsed Michael Maddux, Sandy Brown, and Lorena Gonzales.

Maddux, running in District 4, is openly Gay and has been an activist in Washington Stonewall Democrats.
Brown, in District 5, is a Methodist minister who has defied his church to marry Gay and Lesbian couples. In 2012, he was a leader in organizing the faith community to support Referendum 74 for marriage equality.
Gonzales, running for the at-large District 9 seat, was formerly legal counsel for Mayor Ed Murray.

SEAMEC’s ratings for the general election are shown below. Numerical ratings indicate our evaluation of the candidates on the whole range of LGBT issues.
A 5 rating means the candidate has shown leadership on our issues; 4 means the candidate exceeds expectations; 3 means they meet expectations; 2 means they need improvement; 1 means the candidate resists LGBT rights or interests; 0 means they are actively hostile to our community.

Where SEAMEC could not interview a candidate and found insufficient information to rate them based on our own research, we assign a ?.
In the case of perennial candidate Goodspaceguy, running this time for Port Commissioner, we have assigned him an X, meaning we decline to rate him.

State Legislative District 30

  • Carol Gregory 3
  • Teri Hickel ?

King County Assessor

  • Lloyd Hara 5, ENDORSED
  • John Wilson 3

King County Director of Elections

  • Zack Hudgins 4
  • Julie Wise ?

King County Council District 2

  • Larry Gossett 5, ENDORSED

King County Council District 4

  • Jeanne Kohl-Welles 4
  • Rufe Orr ?

King County Council District 6

  • Claudia Balducci 3
  • Jane Hague 3

King County Council District 8

  • Joe McDermott 5, ENDORSED

Port of Seattle Position 2

  • Courtney Gregoire 3
  • Goodspaceguy X

Port of Seattle Position 5

  • Fred Felleman 2
  • Marion Yoshiko 2

Seattle City Council District 1

  • Lisa Herbold 4
  • Shannon Braddock 3

Seattle City Council District 2

  • Bruce Harrell 4
  • Tammy Morales 3

Seattle City Council District 3

  • Kshama Sawant 4
  • Pamela Banks 3

Seattle City Council District 4

  • Michael Maddux 5, ENDORSED
  • Rob Johnson 3

Seattle City Council District 5

  • Sandy Brown 5, ENDORSED
  • Debora Juarez 3

Seattle City Council District 6

  • Mike O’Brien 2
  • Catherine Westbrook 2

Seattle City Council District 7

  • Sally Bagshaw 3
  • Deborah Zech-Artis ?

Seattle City Council District 8

  • Tim Burgess 3
  • Jon Grant 3

Seattle City Council District 9

  • Lorena Gonzales 3, ENDORSED
  • Bill Bradbury 2

Seattle School Board District 1: no ratings.
Seattle School Board District 2: no ratings
Seattle School Board District 3

  • Lauren McGuire 3
  • Jill Geary 2

Seattle School Board District 6

  • Leslie Harris 3
  • Marty McLaren 3